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37 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Hello

    I work with Mayesh Wholesale florist in Los angeles
    I am interested in more information about the smilax
    Also, do you ship by air, or only federal express.
    Is there wholesale pricing?
    thank you
    Pat Mullen

  2. Brock-
    Hello – It’s Amanda Cottingham with The Pantry in Greenville! I was wondering what the status of your smilax is at this time? Is the new growth still too tender to pull or are you back in business? I would love to purchase from you for some upcoming weddings – so will you let me know please?
    You really saved me a few weeks ago – Thank you SO much! Your vines were beautiful and held perfectly! I was thrilled!
    Many thanks and all the best!

    1. Depends on the date you need them, We are off crop for a couple more weeks then we are back on the rest of the year. We ship 10 1/2 months out of the year, Glad we could help you out.

  3. hello,

    are you still shpping next week or is your season finished? I need about 16 boxes shipped to San Fransisco airport one week from today, 4/27/17. Thank you!

  4. Hello,
    Do you have Smilax garland available for June 23, 2017. Please let me know and also the price. I need a min. of 10″ depending on the price I may go up to 20″ It is for a wedding.
    Do you ship FedX or how? Thanks

    1. Sorry, off crop till late July, we can make Garlands out of any greens that are on crop, Call us at 1-800-844-6867

  5. How big are your boxes or how many ft of smilax in the big. I am trying to price it out for a bride and need to know if I need more than one box for next year March.

    Thank you!

  6. I need to consult for what to expect, boxes vs gardlands. This is for my daughter wedding on Sept. 7/2018. Do you sell to the public?
    What number should Ii call for more questions?

  7. Do you have Smilax available for this week?
    Please send me a price list.
    We purchased from Magnolia Wholesale back in January.

  8. Im a floral designer and I need a box of Eealagnus shipped to 84098, by August 28th or 29th. Will it be available then and what would be the shipping costs?

    Can I pick up if needed and what would be your hours?

    Thank you!
    Jennifer Anderson

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