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 Send orders by text 662-231-7285 please, email sometimes get lost in spam.

Credit cards please call 662-842-3441 ask for Dawn or June store hours are 8-4pm central time.

Please direct all general sales questions to


Brock Bishop

39 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Depends on the date you need them, We are off crop for a couple more weeks then we are back on the rest of the year. We ship 10 1/2 months out of the year, Glad we could help you out.

  2. hello,

    are you still shpping next week or is your season finished? I need about 16 boxes shipped to San Fransisco airport one week from today, 4/27/17. Thank you!

  3. Hello,
    Do you have Smilax garland available for June 23, 2017. Please let me know and also the price. I need a min. of 10″ depending on the price I may go up to 20″ It is for a wedding.
    Do you ship FedX or how? Thanks

    1. Sorry, off crop till late July, we can make Garlands out of any greens that are on crop, Call us at 1-800-844-6867

  4. How big are your boxes or how many ft of smilax in the big. I am trying to price it out for a bride and need to know if I need more than one box for next year March.

    Thank you!

  5. I need to consult for what to expect, boxes vs gardlands. This is for my daughter wedding on Sept. 7/2018. Do you sell to the public?
    What number should Ii call for more questions?

  6. Do you have Smilax available for this week?
    Please send me a price list.
    We purchased from Magnolia Wholesale back in January.

  7. Im a floral designer and I need a box of Eealagnus shipped to 84098, by August 28th or 29th. Will it be available then and what would be the shipping costs?

    Can I pick up if needed and what would be your hours?

    Thank you!
    Jennifer Anderson

  8. Hi there- I’m writing a quote for a bride getting married 5/28/22 and I’m wondering if Eleagnus will be available for shipping then. We have a whole space to cover with it, so hoping you have good news. 🙂 Many thanks- Summer

  9. Hello,

    I placed an order for eleangnus vine coming to NYC next week and wanted to give you my card to pay for the order asap. It’s going to Nicole Absher 267 Evergreen Avenue apt 2A Brooklyn NY 11221

    Let me know the total or if you can send an invoice that would be great! I know it’s a holiday weekend and you might not be back in the office until Tuesday. I will plan to call in then if I haven’t heard from you before.

  10. Hello I would like to buy smilax or any other vine like that for a wedding this week delivered to me on Wednesday can you ship to Pennsylvania?

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