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Smilax Vine


smilax shot1smilax vine prem

smilax shot

Fresh Custom Garlands made the way you want them
Seeded Eucalyptus Garland headed to Texas 
Elaeagnus vines

21 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. How do I get one of these vines and can I grow it in a pot or on a fence? Does it require full sun? Is it winter hardy. I live about 30 miles south of the city of Atlanta, GA. How fast does it grow?

    Thank you,
    Linda Williams

    1. The vines comes from a tublar root, it only lives here in the south, when planted it takes 3 years for a vine to grow and growth is slow when first starting out, hope this helps.

  2. I would need some similax for a May 4th wedding, would they still be in season at that time? We are in Sacramento, CA 95843

  3. Would it be possible to order it for April 30th? I’m thinking the vine could stand 4 days? I would really like to use it for the May 4th wedding. I have about 15-18 tables that are 8 ft long and I wanted to use the similax as a light and airy garland down the tables. Would one box be enough?

  4. When is your elaeagnus vine available and does it come in the same size box as southern smilax? What is the price? Thanks 🙂

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