Shipping and Prices

             Text or call for prices                  

The dimensions of the Smilax boxes we ship are (28x18x14)The weight is around 15 lbs. with approximately 80-100 feet per box.

Elaeagnus boxes are 28x18x12, 140 feet per box and around 10-12 lbs.

Call or text anytime for a Quote on Freight, include shipping address.

Call or Text   662-231-7285 Brock

  Garland prices start at $11.50 a foot

Magnolia Foliage by the box  $ 125.00

Oak branches by the box $125.00, winged Elm, Birch and Cherry Laurel.

Smilax Orders MUST be called in at least 7 days prior to shipping.

Garland orders MUST be called in 14 days prior to shipping…

Call or email for shipping prices in your area.  We do NOT up charge freight.

Credit claims MUST be filled within 24 hours of receiving product, pictures must be texted. 

94 thoughts on “Shipping and Prices

  1. I have a wedding Labor Day weekend in Appalachicola FL . Is there availability to order some smilax near that time frame.

  2. I would like to know what’s the best way to keep them, and how far in advance can we order to keep them fresh for an event?

  3. Good Morning, I am a florist and I have two potential orders. Can you please tell me if smilax is available MAY 5th and JULY 21st?

    Also, what would shipping cost to Los Angeles, zip is 90066

    Thank you!

  4. What is the last day you’ll ship this year? I’d like to receive a shipment on May 31 in CA.

  5. Is everything offcrop until mid-july or just smilax? I’m interested in eucalyptus garland for end of June event.

  6. Hi there! Do you ship to Hawaii? Would would be a the cost for a smilax garland to drape our 40×60 tent with freight? I’m looking for four garlands, 25 feet long. Thanks!

  7. I moved to Saint Louis ten years ago and miss the South. I know it is questionable if Jackson Vine will survive the Winters up here but I want to try. Do you sell or know where I can buy living vines to plant? No one here knows of the vine or where I could get it. Any info would be appreciated.

  8. Hello there ~ I would like to know how much it would be to ship / cost of a full box of smilax would be to 28557 NC I would need this for a Sept. 9th event ~

    Thank you in advance,
    Rachel G.
    Tildy Floral Designs.

  9. Looking to see how much to ship a box of smilax to nj, 07060 would cost. Need enough for a 9/16 wedding to do a large fireplace display, wedding arbor and possibly a few 10-15 foot railings. Any suggestion on how much I would need to order is very much appreciated.


  10. I’d like to find out how many boxes of smilax I’d need for our wedding venue. I have an image of the venue for reference, if I could get an email to send it that would be great.
    Our wedding is on Nov. 4 in area code 29585–if I could get pricing based on the image as well as a quote for shipping that would be great.

  11. how much is Freight for area code 60614. 1 box and just found your site. would like to have by Sept13 or 14th. How long do they last If I wanted to set up a day in advance?

  12. Hi,

    Can you tell me, do these vines have thorns? I have never handled them before. Are they the ‘bridal creeper’ Smilax or something different? Thank you

  13. I am interested in using your Southern Smilax for a February 3 wedding. How many boxes would it take for the following: full mantle, one 12ft round chandeliere (light and airy), 15ft long aisle (greenery on floor on both sides), as a runner on 32 ft long table?

  14. Hello,
    We are interested in using Smilax vines for a June 30th (2018) wedding.
    Is it in season at that time?
    Thank you!

  15. Hi there! I’m the stylist and owner of Beck&Forth Co. And I’m looking to utilize smilax for “garland” down the centers of 22 farmhouse tables. Just loosely tousled on the tables! Can you recommend how many boxes I would need? I have not ordered from you before. I’m in Buffalo NY. The first wedding I would need it for it June 3rd and the second is September 15th.
    Is the smilax available for those dates? If so can you let me know the shipping price as well?
    Thank you so much!
    Sara Spoth

  16. Wedding is mid-November 2019. Is the Smilax vine available then? How does it look? What is the cost to ship to 78664, Round Rock, TX

  17. Hello. I’m wanting to drape (4) 3 tiered chandeliers, total diameter is about 128 ft. Can you tell me how many boxes I would need? Thanks.

  18. Hi, do you ship to Canada? I’m a florist in British Columbia, and I am doing some advance planning for a wedding next year and require Smilax. When I order Smilax through my wholesaler here, it’s already been on the truck for 2 weeks, and it looks awful.

  19. Hi, I am wondering how many boxes of smilax I would need to create a hanging arch, a loose/wispy runner for a 30′ table, and lay a few shorter pieces on about 15 tables. Would one box be enough? Thanks!

  20. Hi! I have an event May 30, 2020 in Winston Salem, NC. I need quite a bit of smilax for the project. Do you have that available? Thanks!

  21. Please advise for when I need to place an order for a March 21, 2020 wedding to 29621 South Carolina . Several boxes of smilax Thank you !

  22. Hi,
    Looks like Smilax will not be available, so I’m trying to find an alternative for a June 12 wedding. Would you recommend elaeagnus? Something else? I was planning on about 240′ of smilax. Is the elaeagnus as flexible as smilax? We’ll be using it on a staircase, tables, etc.
    Thank you!

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