Were back on crop,Smilax vines are looking great. Text orders to 662-231-7285 Elaeagnus vines, Oak, Cherry, Birch, winged Elm, Fresh Flowers, Pampas Grass,Custom made Garlands, Magnolia foliage, mixed wedding greens, fresh wreaths. New website coming soon


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Courtesy of DeClerk Wray Design, Memphis TN


Pampas Grass available year around

10 STEM BUNCHES   $15.00

This picture below is Elaeagnus vines, there looking great.

Design by Your Perfect Day, Val in Grimesland,Nc


Design by Your Perfect Day, Grimesland NC

Desgins by Jeri Solomon

This is 2 boxes of Elaeagnus in ceiling , photo courtesy @magnoliaranch

Elaeagnus is in the picture above on the mantel and lower hearth area.

Elaeagnus used for a table runner, Quick and easy set up.

Elaeagnus made in to a garland.

Elaeagnus used in a ring for a event.



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Thanks,  Brock Bishop

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Please call for shipping information and freight costs. We do not upcharge freight.

We also ship custom garlands.  You choose the greenery, diameter and length.  We make it and ship it to you ready to use.  We ship all states.

Please call or text with questions.

We pull vines on Tuesdays, pre-cool and ship Wednesdays, vines ship on Fed-Ex overnight for delivery on Thursdays around 1 pm-4pm.



Orders must be called in at least 7 days prior to shipping. Smilax orders called in the week of shipping $175.00

Garlands need a 14 day window to order greens.


Samples of Garlands custom-made this summer

Elaeagnus vines


Willow and Seeded Eucalyptus Garland


Magnolia and Tree Fern Garland

Garlad nice pic

Garland headed to Texas

smilax in parking lot

smilax parking lotsmilax good

smilax shot

smilax vine van door smilax trailer

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